Markenfels supports you in long-term brand care. With all the services to make your brand a success: we develop brand strategies, create brand appearances and develop tailored consulting and design solutions. And we support you in global implementation – hands on.

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Strategic Consulting

  • Management consulting

    We advise boards of directors, CEOs and senior management committees on specific issues regarding strategy and communications. In our role as Senior Advisors, we moderate complex processes and offer assistance when it comes to making decisions. We demonstrate how companies can make better use of their brand to increase the value of their business.

  • Merger & Acquisition Branding

    «Wie minimieren wir das Risiko, Kunden zu verlieren?»

    «Wie soll das Unternehmen nach dem Merger heissen?»

    «Wie können wir eine neue, gemeinsame Identität stiften und so die beiden Unternehmenskulturen zusammenbringen?»


    Solche und viele weitere Fragen lösen wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen entlang eines spezifisch für Merger und Akquisitionen entwickelten Branding Prozesses. Wir unterstützen Sie in allen Markenfragen – messbar und wertschöpfend, mit Fokus auf Ihre zentralen KPIs.

  • Brand positioning

    ‘What does our brand stand for?’
    ‘What makes us desirable?’
    ‘How do we beat the competition?’ 

    The answer to these and other questions is provided by a unique brand positioning. To this end, we develop a relevant and distinctive brand idea and a striking brand identity. The positioning is an integral part of the corporate strategy and is thus something we develop in close cooperation with top management – based on client needs, market opportunities and the entrepreneurial vision of the company.

  • Brand architecture

    ‘How many different brands do we need for our business?’
    ‘How do we divide a limited marketing budget between several brands?’
    ‘What should we do with acquired brands?’
    ‘Can we keep both brands following a merger?’ 
    ‘Can a single brand sell 100,000 different products?’ 
    ‘Do we need a sub-brand to enter a new market?’ 

    These questions and similar issues are answered in a brand architecture project. With straightforward models, robust decision-making tools and 50 years of combined experience in the development of successful brand strategies. If required, we also can provide a detailed brand evaluation.

  • Brand name development

    ‘What should we call our new offer?’
    ‘How can we organize a historically grwon product name portfolio?’
    ‘Can I call my brand “PEAR”?’
    ‘How do we register our brand?’

    We answer these questions and similar issues in a brand-naming project. We develop striking brand names and practical systems of nomenclature, offering advice on the selection of an appropriate name and supporting clients in the process of registering and launching a brand. On request, we also offer a brand research service and answer legal questions – in collaboration with experienced specialist lawyers.

  • Key messages

    ‘How can we express our brand positioning in our marketing and communications?’
    ‘Do we need a slogan?’
    ‘Is this the right message for our new campaign?’
    ‘How should I brief the advertising agency?’

    In order to answer these and similar questions, we develop authoritative key messages for companies and brands – based on the corporate and brand strategy. The strategically relevant and differentiating themes and statements are defined in a management workshop. The key messages are then documented in a Key Message Handbook that also contains practical tools for implementation. Brand training workshops with the staff members responsible for communications ensure that key messages are woven into all aspects of communication like a red thread.

  • Brand engagement

    ‘How do we explain our rebranding strategy to our employees?’
    ‘How do we get new employees on board?’
    ‘How can we improve acceptance of our brand?’ 

    These are some of the typical issues that can be solved by a brand engagement programme. Depending on the situation and the necessary action, we support you in the development of an internal communications strategy, in the design and implementation of a brand launch or on-boarding programme or in the creation of a modular brand engagement programme.

  • Road maps

    ‘How long does it take to develop a new appearance?’
    ‘What is the ideal date for the brand launch?’
    ‘What will we have to expect after the launch?’
    ‘Can we start off by sorting out the design – and decide on a strategy later?’

    We answer these and similar questions by creating a road map, tailored to the specific situation of your company. Such a road map is an efficient way to show interrelations and to manage complex processes, from the preparation and launch of a new brand to the migration of brand identity and ongoing brand care. A speciality of Markenfels is the planning of special projects, such as major events for which it is necessary to integrate a large number of stakeholders and work streams.

  • Organisational consulting

    ‘We only have a PR department – who is responsible for the brand?’
    ‘How do we involve different divisions and countries?’
    ‘How do we integrate our top management into the project?’

    In response to such questions, we advise management teams on how to build a professional organisational structure for brand management. We develop an individual organisational chart for the company with clearly defined responsibilities and channels of communication, recommending ways to involve other departments and suggesting robust committees and coordination processes.

  • Brand communication

    When introducing a new brand strategy or a new brand appearance, every company is treading uncharted territory. Flagship communication projects such as the creation of a website, an annual report, a company brochure or a brand book can serve as pilot trials, helping to test the intended positioning and to present the desired overall image. The creation of these initial benchmarks also lays the foundation for a catalogue of best-practice solutions – a tool that serves as a standard for brand management during the global roll-out.

  • Brand analytics and brand audit

    ‘Do we need a new logo?’
    ‘Do we need a refresh of our corporate design?’

    ‘How does our brand compare to the competition?’
    ‘How can we make most effective use of a limited marketing budget?’
    ‘How can we make our brand create more value?’
    ‘Which brand we should keep, and which should we abandon?’
    ‘How can we evaluate our brand for an impending merger?’ 

    These and similar questions are answered as part of the brand analytics process. We carry out various qualitative and quantitative analyses in order to determine the status of a brand and to enable our clients to make an informed decision. A qualitative analysis may include strategic and visual brand audits, management interviews, customer surveys, communication analysis, benchmark analysis or a brand fit analysis. Quantitative analysis ranges from a simple brand evaluation and a sales driver analysis to a comprehensive brand equity study. We work with established strategic partners in order to collect and analyse information.

  • Employer Branding

    ‘How shall we position our employer brand?’

    ‘How do we visualize our EVP?’
    ‘Do we need an employer brand logo? A proprietary employer brand corporate design?’
    ‘How can we use our  brand to win talents?’
    ‘Which key messages will be best to address Millennials?’
    ‘How do we make our brand attractive for experts?’


    These and similar questions are answered as part of our employer branding services. We support companies in positioning and presenting themselves as an attractive employer brand. For example, by defining targeted key messages and by developing a relevant and differentiating visual appearance. Upon request we develop practical implementation tools, such as an online career platform, a brand book or a recruitment fair stand for university graduates.

Added value for clients

We use strategy tools that are straightforward and robust. At the same time, we are familiar with all the standard strategy models and are happy to work with methods already established at your company. Our own strategic approach is rigorous and designed to be effective in operational implementation.

Strategic Design

  • Corporate Design, Brand Design

    In our Design Lab, we develop the future appearance of your brand, from the logo and imagery to the typography and layout principles. We explore different routes of design and test the results using prototype examples to check system capacity and scalability – for different types of brand touchpoints, be they printed, digital or spatial.

  • Digital design

    Nowadays, electronic media represent the first and most important touchpoint of a brand. For this reason, Markenfels treats digital design as an integral part of strategic brand development. We create and optimise websites, intranet pages, user interfaces, electronic presentations and animated films. To this end, we work with our own team of digital brand designers. For programming and implementation, we call on the support of experienced partners.

  • Print media design

    As part of our comprehensive brand development projects, we design flagship publications such as annual reports, company brochures, staff magazines, product brochures and brand books. We are familiar with standard publishing tools and are able to provide a large number of successful publications as reference projects.

  • Spatial design

    We develop design guidelines for the implementation of a brand in the third dimension, providing specific recommendations concerning shapes, materials and spatial layouts. We support our clients in the planning and realisation of distinctive spaces that convey the brand, in new and existing buildings.

  • Event design

    We design events that convey the character of a brand. Our reference projects include trade fair stands, company anniversaries, launch events, employee events, inauguration events and open houses for numerous global companies. Our services include process consulting, advice on selecting an event agency, location scouting, the conception and design of overall brand presentation and a visitor guidance system, the definition of dramaturgy and an event programme (script), the development of strategic key messages, the conception and design of individual exhibitions, and on-site support for brand implementation.

Added value for clients

We use design as a powerful lever to implement a corporate strategy. We understand and master the requirements of thoroughly systematic and practical corporate design programmes. Our design is made for the digital world: this is the future!

Strategic Implementation

  • Documentation and guidelines

    To ensure the implementation of strategy and design throughout the company, we document their development and prepare user-friendly guidelines. These can be provided as a printed handbook, PDF manual, a tutorial film or as interactive online guidelines with practical templates.

  • Roll-out planning

    We support companies in the creation of roll-out planning for strategies, brands, media and events with tried-and-tested roll-out plans, tailored road maps and individually developed concepts.

  • Brand launch

    The launch of a new or redesigned brand usually requires a wide range of supporting activities. We assist companies with brand launches by helping to plan, design and execute tailored measures for the brand and company, based on the brand strategy and the strategic design.

  • Pilot implementation

    Pilot projects such as the creation of a website, an annual report, a company brochure, a brand book or a first event can help to launch the positioning and present the desired overall image. Pilot implementations can also be used to test the practicality of a design and to make the necessary refinements for subsequent activities on a global scale.


    The creation of initial benchmarks also lays the foundation for a catalogue of best-practice solutions – a tool that serves as a standard for brand management during the global roll-out. We provide conception, design and implementation – on location and anywhere in the world, if necessary.

  • Training workshops

    Actions speak louder than words – this is a principle we take to heart in our established training workshops. We train brand managers how to plan and implement a new branding, for example with key message workshops, imagery training sessions, media design exercises and detailed roll-out planning.


    We have a repertoire of tried-and-tested practical workshop modules that cover various aspects of implementation. Whenever required, we create new training units.


    We prepare workshops tailored to our clients needs, moderating them in person and enabling our client contacts to multiply the same training around the world (train the trainer). Each workshop aims to achieve results that participants can apply in practice in their day-to-day work.

  • Implementation hotline

    Many practical questions arise in the first weeks and months after the launch of a new or revised brand. Markenfels is able to support clients with an implementation hotline. Such a hotline provides timely supervision and professional feedback regarding matters of design, and solutions prepared by clients or their agencies. We also provide quick fixes via the hotline – solutions that can be developed in a limited number of hours.

  • Brand monitoring

    To ensure a strategy is implemented, we offer our clients a comprehensive brand monitoring service, based on agreed parameters. Brand monitoring can range from simple confirmation of implementation to detailed control on an ongoing basis. The actual requirements determine the scope of services.

Added value for clients

We are particularly experienced in structuring complex processes and driving them forward in close collaboration with our clients. We make sure that timing, budgets and other resources match the needs and possibilities of the company’s specific situation.


Markenfels stands for professional branding at a predictable price.


Our offer for you:

A flat fee based on a binding agreement with regard to the scope and process of the project.

Individual offers that include a full description of the project (task, working steps, coordination process, timeline and deliverables).

Hourly billing is available on request.


Request a non-binding offer:


Added value for clients

Creative processes are difficult to plan and predict. However, based on our many years of experience, we offer flat fees for projects that have been clearly agreed in advance, including instalment invoices with set payment dates. Clients benefit from high planning reliability, while financial departments appreciate defined payment arrangements.