The Markenfels Merger & Acquisition Brand Navigator©

Successful mergers are defined by sustainable value creation. In order
to grow a market share, to keep talents, to strengthen customer retention and to realise synergies, the evaluation of the best-fitting brand and professional brand management are key.


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How the brand inspires your M&A success

The Markenfels M&A Brand ­Navigator © is a systematic management tool for mergers and acquisitions. It empowers corpor­ations to use their brand port­folio in a strategic and value creating way, and to efficiently manage the integration of the organisation.


Markenfels supports the solution of your branding challenges in ­mergers and acquisitions – with a proven process in line with your KPIs.


Which brand is the right one?

Whenever two companies merge, the question arises of which brand should represent the organisation in the future, and which brands are best ­suited for marketing common ­products and services. The systematic evaluation of business-relevant ­branding aspects contributes to a successful M&A process.

Markenfels leads the way to an ­informed ­decision: with structured scenarios and
a ­systematic process.



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How to manage successful rebranding

A well prepared rebranding process reduces costs and increases efficiency. To ensure clarity for customers and employees, a structured and transparent way to integration is key. The definition and design of a suitable process is tailored to the needs of the company. It is influenced by numerous factors: from legal conditions or quality issues up to market considerations. In case of a delayed integration process, the rebranding may require two or more phases.


Markenfels supports your rebranding process: with strategic planning, strategic design, and strategic activation.


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Are you ready to write your M&A success story?

Strategic brand management along the entire M&A process is worth the effort. We are happy to support you in setting up a structured process, and to guiding your brands professionally through the merger.